Membership Benefits

KTEA communicates with employees, KYTC leadership and elected officials to make them aware of important transportation employee issues. KTEA membership also grants members access to a scholarship program each year.  

Apply for Membership

To apply for membership, please fill out a KTEA Application and submit it to your local KTEA director.

Dues are only $6 per year. To make it simple for current employees, dues are deducted automatically once a year from your paycheck.

Employees that retire or leave KYTC may also become lifetime members. Lifetime membership dues are a one-time fee of $25.

Scholarship Program

Each year, KTEA provides academic scholarships to members' dependents. Recipients are selected based on academic achievement and income. 

KTEA scholarship applications are due by April 16. For more information, contact Jim Gullett at

In addition, the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet offers scholarships for students in engineering and engineering technology. These are great ways to pay for school and gain valuable work experience at the same time.