Officers & Directors

The Board of Directors has four officers. In addition, there is a director representing each of the district offices and each floor of the central office.


Adrienne Carter

Vice President                         
Jeff Senters

Barbara Schulte

Kevin Blain

Immediate Past President     
T.J. Gilpin


CO First Floor/Outlying Buildings
Christian Wallover

CO Second Floor                        
Christy Johnson

CO Third Floor                              
Cherie Shelton

CO Fourth Floor                              
Barbara Schulte

CO Fifth Floor 
Brent Sweger

CO Sixth Floor 
Ramona Brock

District 1
Brad Turner

District 2
Valerie Scott

District 3
Brandon Hayes

District 4
Adrienne Carter

District 5
Terry Thacker

District 6
Brian Cox

District 7
Kyle Ray

District 8
Amber Hale

District 9
Vickie Griggs

District 10
Jeremy Sheffel

District 11
Jeff Senters

District 12
Jim Gullett