The Kentucky Transportation Employees' Association (KTEA) was established in 1950 as the 10 to 40 Club. The purpose of the organization has always been to promote Kentucky Transportation Cabinet improvements and employee benefits. Membership in the association helps KYTC employees form a collective voice in promoting improvements for all employees. The association is not a union but works strictly through volunteer directors representing all segments of the cabinet. When critical issues involving employee benefits and safety arise, the directors work to notify employees, KYTC leadership and legislative representatives of the desires of the members.

Over the years, this strategy has been very effective in securing positive change. Below is a list of issues addressed by KTEA and accomplishments achieved.


Put forth a proposal to change to a mandatory Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA).

Worked with coalition of employee organizations to prevent detrimental changes to the pension system and benefits.


Worked with KYTC leadership to successfully increase salaries of HEO and other transportation technician series.


Stopped legislative efforts to change an anti-spiking rule limiting the amount of increased annual pay that counted toward pension calculations.

Worked with KATE and KYTC leadership to increase salary levels of engineering and engineering technologist series.


Influenced the legislature to institute annual increments for state employees after many years without.

Influenced the legislature to fully pay the ARC to the pension system for fiscal years 2015 and 2016.

Successfully gained shift premium compensation for employees whose job requires them to be on call 24/7 as a replacement to emergency overtime that had been eliminated. This effort began with creation of a legislative brief on Emergency Overtime.

Set new top three priorities: annual increments of 3 percent for budget, funding the retirement system, creating fair overtime pay for workers.


Successfully lobbied Secretary to implement reimbursement for professional licensure and CDLs.

KTEA board developed a legislative brief titled The Real Effects of Low Pay on Kentucky Transportation.


Began fight to protect the state pension plan and ensure it is fully funded.

Became a founding member of the Kentucky Public Pension Coalition.


Created top three priorities: annual increments, funding the retirement system, preventing furloughs.


Opposed furloughs (three days each year in 2010, 2011).


Fought for pension system funding (actuarially required contribution) as part of pension reform legislation.


Increased annual increment.


High three-year retirement.


Retirement factor raised to 2.2 percent for employees with 20 or more years of service (a factor of 2 percent for those retiring with less than 20 years of service).

Death benefits increased from $2,500 to $5,000.


Unused sick leave credit toward retirement.


5 percent annual increments for 1996 and 1997.

Cost of living adjustments for retirees tied to consumer price index.


5 percent annual increment for fiscal years 1990-1992.

Full retirement benefits after 27 years of service.

4.5 percent raise to retirees in each of the biennium.

Retirement benefit factor increased from 1.91 percent to 1.97 percent.

Recouped $3.6 million to the Kentucky Employees Retirement System.

$21.5 million appropriated to increase salaries toward parity.

Increased employer health insurance contributions and travel allowances.


Retirement factor increased to 1.91 percent from 1.85 percent.

Whistle Blower Act passed.

5 percent annual increment for fiscal biennium.

4 percent raise for retirees in each year of the biennium.


Retirement factor was raised to 1.85 percent from 1.65 percent.

Reinstatement of 5 percent annual increment for fiscal years 1986-1988.

Major improvement to the Kentucky Merit System Law.

Employees allowed to purchase military leave at any time.


Retirement factor was raised to 1.65 percent from 1.60 percent.

Retirement was allowed with 25 years of service with a penalty.

Opposed a 0 percent increment.

Enabled employees to receive 2 percent and 3 percent for fiscal years 1984-1986.


Played a major role in organizing the Coalition of State Employees' Organization.


Two employees were appointed to the Kentucky Personnel Board.

Retiree death insurance increased from $2,000 to $2,500.

Annual 5 percent salary increments for two years.


Reimbursement for liability insurance coverage on state automobiles was introduced, as was health insurance for retired employees.


Sick leave was changed to an unlimited amount of accumulation.


The association established an annual scholarship program for children of members who enter colleges and universities in Kentucky.

The 10 to 40 Club contributed $2,500 to the American Red Cross for tornado victims.


Annual leave earned was increased based on years of service.


Participation by the state in the cost of employee health and hospital insurance was allowed by the legislature.


The $176 million bond issue was endorsed by the 10 to 40 Club and $10,000 was contributed to the Kentucky Better Roads Council to ensure passage.


Group life insurance was made available to association members.


The Merit System Law was passed, providing job security for employees.


A retirement plan for state employees was passed by the legislature.


The association was organized as the 10 to 40 Club.